Phoenix Belly Dance

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Fancy Hip Scarfs


After something a little bit fancier than your standard coin belt? Look no further. Add a little more sparkly to your hips with our Rhinestone Bordered velvet hip scarfs, featuring three rows of gold coins, a border of rainbow coloured gems. The velvet comes in a variety of colours, including royal blue, black, purple, red, and more! Specify the colour you want when you're checking out.

Feel like something less convential? Try out one of our Rainbow Coin Hipscarfs, with cascades of shiny rainbow palettes and a flash of coin here and there for a jingle when you shimmy. The chiffon ties only come in black, but there's more than enough colour in the palettes to make up for that.

What colour would you like your hip scarf? (only applicable to Rhinestone Bordered hip scarf)

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