Phoenix Belly Dance

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Frequently Asked Questions about Belly Dance Classes

What to expect from a class?

Each class is one hour long, including a warm up and cool down. In an average term we will usually learn some of the foundation movements, technique and posture of belly dance, we will also focus on particular styles/props (finger cymbals, veil, cane are examples of props, and Egyptian Saidi, Turkish Romani, Khaleegy are examples of regional folkloric styles), and we will also learn choreographies or combos in each term.

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable tight clothes/gym wear so that your movements can be easily seen. You can either dance barefoot, in socks, or flat ballet type dance shoes.You will also want to purchase a coin belt at class - these help you feel the movement and know where your hips are going in time to the music.

How do I pay?

You can pay online directly thought our online booking system or cash in class: 

Can I purchase a coin belt or costume from you?

Yes! We have a large variety of stock that students can purchase at class or at our offices, so just let us know what you're after. We also offer gift vouchers that can be used for merchandise, classes, performances and private lessons.

What is the Fusion Class?

This mixed-level class is fun and focused on executing beautiful basics and learning combinations in the style of contemporary fusion belly dance, fusing elements from cabaret belly dance and "American Tribal Style". In this class you'll sweat, work on clean isolations, and integrate movements across the floor.

I have an injury, can I still belly dance?

If you have any injury, or medical condition, you should consult your doctor for professional advice before attending classes. You can still take part in classes but please ensure that you notify your teacher of the condition. 

Can anyone belly dance?

Belly dancing is for anyone no matter what age, size, shape, background, dancing ability, or fitness level. Our youngest student has been 5 years old, and our eldest 73 years old! We encourage all women to give it a try and to enjoy this new social hobby that comes with major health benefits! You will enjoy learning about a new culture, listen to the mesmerising music of the Middle East, dance with veils, and learn movements suited to women's bodies. Belly dancing will improve posture, grace, co-ordination, flexibility, and body awarenes.

Can I attend Workshops to supplement my training?

Workshops in Auckland are organised regularly with Candice and other highly acclaimed dancers! Workshops can be organised in your area with Candice's assistance to organise events. Workshop topics and tutors can include a variety of techniques, props and choreographies. Please email or call Candice for further information.

Will I need to/be able to perform?

All students are invited to perform in our annual End of Year Showcase where all classes will present the choroegraphies they have learned throughout the year! It is a voluntary performance, so no requirement or pressure. Those who do choose to perform enjoy meeting the students from other classes and say that the show is the highlight of their dancing year! We also offer performances at times throughout the year at social and community events. The end of year showcase is a high quality show in a theatre environment, so there are requirements around costuming and class attendance, but loads of notice is given to interested students to begin making costumes, and preparing for the show. 

Can I pay casually?

If you'd prefer not to register and pay for the whole term, we also offer a casual rate per class which means you can drop in at any time. 

If I join part-way through the term, do I have to pay the full term fee?

Nope! We have several payment options available depending on how many weeks you've missed, so you don't have to pay for classes that have been and gone. Of course we recommend being present for the entire term, but if you've only just discovered belly dancing and you can't wait to give it a go, we've got you sorted.

I missed a class! What do I do?

The term fee is for 8 weeks worth of classes, with options for 1, 2 or all classes per week. If you miss your regular class, you can attend a different class in that same week, or whichever week suits your schedule. If you can't make up your missed classes within the term, then they can not be transferred to the next term.

Where are the classes held?

We have classes all over Auckland including: Albany, Birkdale, Western Springs, Auckland CBD, and Mt Eden. If you would like to request a class in your area or at your company (for a corporate class) and have a large enough group of students willing to attend regularly we may be able to set up a new class for you. Please get in touch with Candice.

Do you teach one-off classes for Corporates, Schools or Hen's Parties?

Yes! We offer hen's party packages under our performances page, and offer tailored workshops for Corporate companies, and specialised folkloric training for schools that would like to incorporate Middle Eastern dance into a workshop or their dance curriculum.