Phoenix Belly Dance

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Dance for Humanity

What is Dance for Humanity?

  • It is a fundraiser for all people affected by the war between Ukraine and Russia. 
  • The virtual hafla is at 9am, Sun 27 March (NZT), hosted by me.  We have a lineup of international superstars joining us to chat, share performances, and boogie for a cause!
    • Tickets are just NZD$17
  • We have some incredible raffle prizes worth over $2000 including TWO international designer costumes, courses, elite dance practice wear, and more!
    • Raffle tickets start at USD$10 for 10 entries. 
  • The workshops have 5 top international teachers per day on
    • 26-27 March and 2-3 April
    • Donate what you can at an affordable minimum rate of NZD$65/day


All workshops are online with 5 international teachers per day. Here's the line up in CET (UTC+1) timezone.


Get dressed up or down, in costume or pyjamas, grab your vino or tea, nibbles, and dance with us. Pets, kids, flatmates, significant others are welcome - one ticket per household.

Some of our performers cannot join live due to timezone conflicts, but they will be sending us recorded performances to delight us!


Check out the amazing raffle prizes up for grabs!

If you wish to buy raffle tickets and donate to the cause, you can send your donation via PayPal.

10 entries for USD$10

30 entries for USD$25

60 entries for USD$50

All winners will be drawn and announced during the hafla this weekend NZT 27 March.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Candice at or Helene at

1 Custom Made Designer Costume by Patricia Ahmar of Ahmar Bellyclothes

Designed and created just for you. Get a chance to win 1 custom made designer costume by Patricia Ahmar of Ahmar Bellyclothes that will surely highlight your personality and uniqueness.

The custom costume is valued at 400€.

Winner will shoulder the shipping fees of the costume. 

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Ahmar Bellyclothes, click here: Instagram

1 Ready Made Designer Costume by Tatiana of Crystaliana Creations

Dance with style. Get a chance to win 1 ready made designer costume from Tatiana of Crystaliana Creations for your next performance, photo sessions and themed parties.

Size details: Model size is 12, will fit 10-14.

Skirt is 100-104cm long. It can be a bit shorter if you turn the top nude part under. Belt will fit 85-97cm hips. It is very light and can be sewn to the skirt. Underbra is up to 85cm. Two halter neck strips need to be sewn to one detail and it is up to 62cm from the top of bra's cups. The cups are about 12D, will fit 10C/D/DD to 12C with additional push ups or 12DD.

Other measurements available upon request.

Number of winner/s: 1

Winner will shoulder the shipping fees of the costume.

For more information about Crystaliana Creations, click here: Facebook

1 Black Velvet Training Outfit Set from Jamilah of Bodyess

Say yes to yourself and this gorgeous black velvet training outfit!

Get a chance to win a sensual and, at the same time, very comfortable training outfit for belly dancing or Latin American dances. It goes very well with hip scarf from our offer.


- cozy, elastic velvet fabric 

- a top with regulated fastening and a cut in the front

- skirt that emphasizes the hips

- unique cut

Fabric: Velvet - 95% polyester, 5% spandex

Number of winner/s: 1

Winner will shoulder the shipping fees of the outfit.

For more information about Jamilah & Bodyess, click here: Website & Instagram

Veil Voyage Workshop with Aziza

Aziza and Silks by Celestina have collaborated on the Ultimate Veil Package!

Get a change to win a two week, online, advanced veil course called Veil Voyage. This course combines prerecorded and live online workshops and a dedicated Facebook page for feedback, accountability, and community! Silks by Celestina will work with you to custom dye a delicious 5mm silk veil! Aziza's current favourite veil source, Silks by Celestina's Veils are bright and gorgeous!

Custom Silk Veil and Advanced Veil Course combined value $245.00 USD.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Aziza & Silks by Celestina, click here: Aziza & Silks by Celestina

"El Ghazala Rayaa" Choreo Class with Najla Ferreira

1-Hour Private Raqs Sharqi Coaching with Helena Vlahos

Another class you can enjoy! Get a chance to win a class full of fun and cool moves to a super trendy Egyptian hit with Najla Ferreira. Duration of the class is 2 hours. Class is recorded and will be sent out to the winner.

Value $40USD.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Najla Ferreira, click here: Instagram

Learn to dance with zills! Get a chance to win a 1-hour PRIVATE Raqs Sharqi Coaching, including technique on zills, with Helena Vlahos. We know you'll love her!

Value at $100USD.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Helena Vlahos, click here: Instagram

Bindi & Earrings from Jenny of Tribal Troopers

Level up your belly dance style. Get a change to win bindi and earrings especially made by Jenny from Tribal Troopers. You'll love all of her creations!

Winner will shoulder the shipping fees of the items. 

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Tribal Troopers, click here: Facebook

3 x Watercolour Art Works from Misty Waggoner

Are you an art lover? Get a chance to win three watercolour art works by Misty Waggoner using photos of your preference. 

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Misty Waggoner, click here: Instagram

4-Week Series Musicality & Improvisation Workshop with Christine

Can't get enough of belly dancing? Get a chance to win a 4 Week Series MUSICALITY & IMPROVISATION workshop from Christine Yaven of Bellydance Jakarta. Come and explore 4 different versions of the classic song Ahwak!

From the original version by Abdel Halim Hafez to a beautiful modern lyrical interpretation, discover different ways of dancing and expressing to this gorgeous song.

All sessions will be recorded for those unable to join Live on Zoom.

Date: Saturdays 9 - 30 April 2022

Time: 3.00 - 4.30pm Jakarta UTC+7

Workshop valued at 75USD.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Bellydance Jakarta, click here: Instagram

3 x Course on Hip Technique & 8 Combos from Phoenix Belly Dance

Spend time honing your coordination, flexibility, transitions and repertoire. Get a chance to win this Hip Technique Course from Phoenix Belly Dance.

Learn different styles. Enjoy this course with combos including technical breakdowns for all levels of dancers. We offer unique approaches to movement with the 8 Phoenix Belly Dance Teachers. Each combo has a drilling section so you can master the moves.

Course valued at NZD 25.

Number of winner/s: 3

For more information about Phoenix Belly Dance, click here: Facebook & Instagram

10-Lesson Sagat Course from Elen Oriental

Want to level up your belly dancing technique? Get a chance to win a 10-Lesson Sagat Course from Elen Oriental. Sagat or finger cymbals or zills are one of the hardest to master in belly dance. This course will help you improve your coordination, musicality and rhythm all together.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Elen Oriental, click here: Instagram

2 Belly Dance Music CDs from Helene Skaugen

Listen to oriental music all day long while you practice belly dance. Get a chance to win 2 music CD's from our dearest Helene Skaugen. Winner can choose digital tracks or the original cd (will be sent via mail).

Value is €36.

Number of winner/s: 1

For more information about Helene Skaugen, click here: Instagram

2 x Pre-Recorded Choreography Courses & 4 x Necklaces from Sophia Kong

3 x 1 Voucher for Workshop & 1 x Ticket for a Show at 2022 Danish Open Bellydance Festival

Win choreography courses or necklaces from Sophia Kong!

Get a chance to win pre-recorded choreography courses for your next competition or performance. Both courses will have detailed movement breakdown, techniques and thorough demonstrations to help you understand each choreography.

On top of that, four gorgeous jewelries are also up for grabs to add as embellishment on your costume.

Number of winner/s: 6

For more information about Sophia Kong, click here: Instagram

Something to look forward to!

Get a chance to win a voucher and a ticket to Danish Open Bellydance Festival! The festival will have amazing shows, competitions and lots of intensive workshops. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

To claim the prizes, please contact the organizers via email:

Number of winner/s: 4

For more details about the festival, click here: Website