Phoenix Belly Dance

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Private Belly Dance Classes

In person (excluding studio hire) or online options available.

Why private classes?

  • You will receive tailor-made lessons designed specifically to your goals
  • Warm personal feedback on technique and styling
  • We will find different ways to explain difficult movements that resonates with you
  • Professional tutoring
  • Fast track your dance learning
  • Catch up on missed classes
  • Condense more information into one lesson than can be achieved in regular classes
  • Choreography Creation and polishing
There is a $60 fee for creating the choreography and editing the music.

What to expect:
  • We are committed to providing you with a friendly environment with constructive feedback, take home drills and exercises, and growth in your dancing that can be achieved through direct and purposeful learning.
  • Your goals can align with a variety of topics: custom choreography, core belly dance technique, pre-show preparation, learning a particular skill, style or prop or to gain constructive feedback from a belly dance professional who can mentor you the basic movements in improving your own style, and enhance your performance skills. 


Rates listed below are for one student, excluding studio hire, (location can be discussed):

  • 1 Hour - NZ$80
  • 3 Hours - NZ$225 ($5 discount per lesson)
  • 5 Hours - NZ$350 ($10 discount per lesson)

Rates listed are for group private lessons (up to 4 students), excluding studio hire (location can be discussed):

  • 2 Students - NZ$60 each
  • 3 Students - NZ$50 each
  • 4 Students - NZ$40 each

Have another idea? Let us know and we can work out a package that suits you.

If you are interested in private lessons with any of our teachers, please contact Candice directly and she can arrange times and discuss your goals with you. Please note: if studio rental is required, students will be responsible for any hire fees.

If you would like to join a regular weekly class, check out our classes page for more information.