Phoenix Belly Dance

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Randa Kamel
by Caroline Judson

Randa Kamel is an Egyptian dancer. As a child at school she learned local folkloric dance and says that dance has always been in her blood. Since she was small, when she needs cheering up, she has put on some music and danced.

At the age of 15, Randa joined the Reda Troupe. With the Reda Troupe, Randa travelled around the world and learned to dance every kind of folkloric style she could. Her experience with Reda taught her discipline in dance, how to use the stage to her best advantage, how to use her arms and hands in relation to steps, the basic rules about movement and balance.

Randa’s style of dance is her own. She is strong and her movements are definite, clear, sincere and delivered with passion. She is not a soft dancer but commands the stage and the audience with high energy and flair. Randa is energetic, enticing and mesmerizing.

Of dance, she says that you must have technique, feeling and expression; and that it is the transmission of feelings and emotion on stage that makes a dancer great. In her teaching, Randa emphasizes the need to understand the music, be present in the dance, and give the audience all that you have. 

Expressing her culture through dance is important to her. In her opinion, oriental dance is Egypt - there is no difference between the two. When she travels outside of Egypt, she sees herself as an ambassador for her country. She takes this responsibility seriously and does everything she can to teach her culture through dance in a way that is true and right. Students of Randa say that her workshops give dancers a taste of what it really means to discipline your body, truly listen and feel the music, and to bring out a strength in yourself that you didn’t know you had.

At home, and off stage, Randa is a mother and wife. She says that she loves spending time with her son and to go back to her birth place and spend time with childhood friends.