Phoenix Belly Dance

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Student Testimonials

"Molly has just turned 10yrs old and has been Belly dancing since she was 6 yrs. I started Molly in belly dance for a number of reasons, one being because it is fun!! It is also great at helping to connect left and right sides of the brain and therefore enhance learning. Since  Molly happens to have Down syndrome it has been great in so many ways from increasing muscle tone, body awareness, confidence, enhancing her learning and most importantly its fun and she loves it! Since returning home to NZ four years ago Molly has been blessed with some wonderful teachers like Candice who have inspired her love of dance. I recommend lessons for all people with different abilities for the reasons above and because we could all do with more dance in our days!!" - Lorene Dennis, Molly Dennis' Mum 


"Candice is more than a stunning dancer and teacher, she is a motivating person who enables you to express yourself through this beautiful dance form" - Sophie Kaulima-Irvine

"Thank you to Phoenix Belly Dance School for introducing me to something that I will treasure forever. I love everything about belly dancing and love to share and inspire others to take part as it is not only fulfilling but life changing and magical!" - Wai-Ling Ho

"Candice is clear and easy to understand and makes the class so much fun!" - Vanessa Green

'THANK YOU FOR COMING UP and really liked the way you just enjoy dancing! I mean like it's not about being the best, just pure enjoyment :)'    -Rebecca 

'Enjoyable day- take longer to recover but enjoyed every minute.'   - Jennifer

'Lovely to hear from so many troupe members, each of you have such different styles and strengths...keeps it refreshing to learn :)' - Deborah

'Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to learn more!' - Moira

'Candice is a stunning and very beautiful dancer, her graceful dance moves are exquisite... She is a fantastic teacher who shares her knowledge with kindness and patience; she encourages her students to succeed their expectations. I feel well looked after and understood at Phoenix Belly dance Studio and became an avid student. Thank you Candice!! You have changed my life!' - Nicole Sharman

'I think that Candice and Phoenix Belly Dance should win the (People's Choice) award because they appeal to all cultures, are versatile and talented. Their performances are a joy to watch.' - Suzanne

'Amazing performer and teacher. Inspirational and motivating.' - Casey Jenkins

'Candice - Phoenix Belly Dance is not only a competent and lively teacher, but also an excellent dancer. She encourages her students to give their best, without losing the fun and relaxation. She is also always looking to provide opportunities for those who want to move forward in this career, and be a professional belly dancer, which makes her students endeavor themselves even more.' - Gislayne Martins

'Phoenix Belly Dance is a great group. They bring joy to others by performing wonderful dances that inspire your imagination. They also teach women how to belly dance, and with that comes confidence, friendship and feeling like a real woman - it has a positive impact on many parts of life.' -Anonymous

'I loved how proficient Candice is at teaching bellydance. She has a warm, friendly, caring way with her students... She has a rare confidence rarely seen in bellydance teaches where she is able to meld with beginners and advanced dancers, staying humble although she is a very capable, talented and luscious dancer herself. I am very glad I had the opportunity to enjoy what Candice put together, including the structured theory in the notes that she handed out. I highly recommend [her]. Well done Candice you really are awesome!!' - Ishtar Bellydancer

Want to join in the fun? 

We have regular classes at these locations:

North Shore (Albany)

Auckland CBD (Wellesley St)

Mt Eden (Dominion Rd)