Phoenix Belly Dance

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Local, National, and International Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

We've always got something going on! So stay tuned for more information on amazing workshops with local, national and international artists. Check out our Retreat page for who we are bringing over this year.  Follow us on our Facebook Page for up to date events.

Past International Teachers we have hosted

  • Marta Korzun (Ukraine)
  • Aziza (Montreal)
  • Joana Saahirah (Cairo)
  • Sahra Saeeda - Journey Through Egypt (USA)
  • Anasma (France)
  • Hadia (Canada)
  • Irina Akulenko (USA)
  • Kateryna Siham (Ukraine)
  • Kaeshi Chai (USA)
  • Meher Malik (India)
  • Helene of Norway
  • Jrisi Jusakos (Australia)
  • Vanesa Moreno (Spain)
  • Rose Ottaviano (Australia)
  • Moya Harvey (Australia)
  • Rabiya (Sydney, Australia)
  • The Ruby Lady (Egypt/NZ)
  • Vanessa Castro (Brazil)

Want to host Candice Frankland?

Candice Frankland, owner of Phoenix Belly Dance, is available to teach workshops in your city on Technique, Choreography, Styles, Lecture, Theory, Belly Dance Business Consulting and more! Candice is renowned for her fun approach, making students at every level feel both challenged and comfortable in their learning, and tackling some of the more difficult subjects. Email to request Candice's workshop requirements, topics list, and media kit.

'I loved how proficient Candice is at teaching bellydance. She has a warm, friendly, caring way with her students... She has a rare confidence rarely seen in bellydance teaches where she is able to meld with beginners and advanced dancers, staying humble although she is a very capable, talented and luscious dancer herself. I am very glad I had the opportunity to enjoy what Candice put together, including the structured theory in the notes that she handed out. I highly recommend [her]. Well done Candice, you really are awesome!!' - Ishtar, Professional Dancer and Teacher

'Candice of Phoenix Belly Dance is not only a competent and lively teacher, but also an excellent dancer. She encourages her students to give their best, without losing the fun and relaxation.' - Gislayne Martins, Regular Student

'Candice is more than a stunning dancer and teacher, she is a motivating person who enables you to express yourself through this beautiful dance form' - Sophie Kaulima-Irvine, Professional Troupe Member

'Molly has been Belly dancing since she was 6 yrs. I started Molly in belly dance for a number of reasons, one being because it is fun!! It is also great at helping to connect left and right sides of the brain and therefore enhance learning. Since Molly happens to have Down syndrome it has been great in increasing muscle tone, body awareness, confidence, enhancing her learning and most importantly its fun and she loves it! Since returning home to NZ four years ago Molly has been blessed with some wonderful teachers like Candice who have inspired her love of dance.!!' - Lorene Dennis, Molly Dennis' Mum 

Looking for regular classes?

We offer group classes and private lessons in the following locations:

North Shore

Auckland CBD 

Mt Eden/Epsom


West Auckland

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