Phoenix Belly Dance

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Phoenix Belly Dance Classes in Auckland

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19 and NZ Government regulations, we have both online and in-person classes available to students. For us to adhere to good contact tracing practices, we would prefer that all students register and pay in advance using the form below. 

Movement and social connection are so important at this time and we are excited at the ability to serve our community in new ways. You can either attend casually or purchase the discounted multi-class packages. Both are valid for online and in person classes. There can be some minor changes to our schedule  when Alert Levels change, so please contact us before dropping in to check if the class is running.

You are invited to learn the art of Belly Dancing! Belly Dancing is a form of exercise with graceful dance moves, cultural heritage, and beautiful feminine creativity based on the folkloric and performance dance styles of the Middle East. It’s a great way to get fit, flexible, confident and work every muscle in your body while having fun!

What you'll get:

  • A fun way to exercise while gaining body confidence
  • A social and friendly learning environment where you'll get to meet other people
  • Professionally trained and award-winning teachers who will guide you through the movements to make sure you're having fun and moving safely
  • One of the biggest schools in New Zealand that hosts lots of student events, safe performance opportunities, dance retreats, and international teachers
  • Belly dancing is for everyone of any age, size or fitness level and no experience is necessary! 
  • "I never thought I'd say this but belly dancing is so much fun and it's not as easy at it looks! I love the challenge, the fun ladies that are learning with me and the comfortable environment we learn in. Plus, it's really great exercise too!" - Krystal S
  • "Phoenix classes and annual retreats are a highlight in my calendar. Candice has hit on an ideal combination of learning, having fun, and performance opportunities." - Suzanne M
Our classes are focused on fitness and fun with the education of the technical movements, history and culture of the various modern and folkloric styles of the Middle East, choreographies for optional performances, as well as fusion elements to give students a holistic experience that is all together challenging, fun, and rewarding.

Term Dates:

All classes are 1 hour long and follow these term dates:

  • Term 1 = Wed 9 Feb - Tue 12 Apr
  • Term 2 = Sat 30 Apr - Sat 2 Jul
  • Student Show = Sat 9 July
  • Term 3 = Mon 25 Jul - Sun 25 Sep
  • Term 4 = Mon 10 Oct - Sat 10 Dec
  • Please also note that there will be no classes on public holidays or long weekends.

Pricing options available below:
  • If you can't make your regular class for the week, you can make it up at any of our other classes in the same term.
  • All classes will require a minimum of 6 registered students to go ahead each term. Drop-ins welcome.
  • All Prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Term fees are due before your first class.
  • To pay online, use your name and lessons as reference: Phoenix Belly Dance 060115 0290263 000, or book and pay below.

We have a new belly dance student starter kit for $190, it includes:
  1. 1 class per week x 9 weeks ($145 value)
  2. Belly Dance Coin Belt to wear around your hips in your choice of colours ($30 value)
  3. Belly Dance Music Cd to get you started and practising at home ($30 value)

  • Wear gym/yoga clothes to class, and barefoot or ballet slippers
  • Advanced/Intermediate levels are by invitation only. Current and new students with past experience can request to join, and will be assessed on a case by case basis if the level is appropriate. The final decision is up to the teacher, and students will be offered assistance to meet their goals if they wish to join a higher level but are not ready yet. 
  • For Frequently Asked Questions please click here.

Fusion Class Description
This mixed-level class is fun and focused on executing beautiful basics and learning combinations in the style of contemporary fusion belly dance, fusing elements from cabaret belly dance and "American Tribal Style". In this class you'll sweat, work on clean isolations, and integrate movements across the floor. For an example click here.
If you have any questions please contact us.

FREE Online Foundation Course

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Hip Technique Course

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Day and Time

  Monday 6pm
(Free parking on Sale Street after 6pm)
Self-Care Class
 Monday 7pm 
(Free parking on Sale Street after 6pm)
Choreography Class (Advanced)
 Tuesday 5pm
 Foundation Technique
Tuesday 6pm 
 Foundation Technique 
 Tuesday 7pm 
 Refined Technique 
 Tuesday 8:30pm
Phoenix Community Troupe Rehearsal, Wellesley Studio (by invitation)
 Wednesday 6pm 
 Foundation Technique
 Wednesday 7pm
 Refined Technique
Thursday 6pm 
  Foundation Technique
 Thursday 7pm 
Choreography Class (Open Level)
 Thursday 8pm 
Refined Technique
Saturday 9:30am
($1.50/hr parking on Sale Street)
Open Level Fusion
 By appointment
Studio Location TBC
 Private Classes
ALL Teachers

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